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Actor, Dancer, Singer, Extra

24 years old, Singapore, Singapore

When I was 14, I took up singing and dancing classes. I performed for the school musical when I was 15 as a modern dancer. Later on appeared on TV when I was 17 or 18 in a talk show. Currently a fresh grad from Diploma in mass media management and working towards becoming a scriptwriter, but I will not hesitate to try out new things. Been wanting to act since I was 13, joined t... Show full description



Physical info

Age :24 years old
Height :161 cm
Weight :54 kilo
Eye color :Brown
Hair color :Black
Shoe size :37 Euro
Hair length :Medium
Hair type :Wavy
Skin color :Brown
Ethnicity :Asian


Modelling experience: None
Acting experience: Slight
Singing experience: Slight
Dancing experience: Moderate
Performed on film/TV
Performed in TV series
Danced in a group
Participated in musicals
Sung in a group


Participation in singing group
Dancing for a singer/group
Singing/dancing in theater
Movie/TV - acting
Movie/TV - extra