Can I Become A Model If I Have Braces?

Created the: 20-08-2020


The other day, Maria wrote to us and asked if it’s possible to become a model if you have braces. We thought it was such a good question that we would like to share our answer with the rest of you. So here it is.

Dear Maria,

In most cases, it may be more advantages for companies to hire models without braces, even with the ability to remove the braces in the final pictures through today’s editing software. Pimples and small scars can be quickly removed during editing, but braces present a much bigger challenge. So unless a company is specifically looking for a model with braces, it might be difficult to get your foot in the door.

The good news is that braces are only temporary. So even if you have braces now, that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a modelling career in the future.

When should you contact agencies?

Are you getting your braces off in a year? Then we suggest you wait until your braces are removed before contacting modelling agencies. That way, you can also show them your new beautiful smile! :) Until then, you can apply for many jobs at Onlinecasting to gain the experience that will help you further your modelling career.

If you’re stuck with braces for another two years or more and don’t want to wait that long before contacting agencies, then go ahead and do it right now. But know that it could be very challenging. Modelling is already a very competitive industry, but if you have braces, you also have to compete against other models who don’t. It requires extra effort and hard work, but nothing is impossible. There are actually several examples of professional models with braces. Charlie James is a successful 17-year-old model who not only has braces, he’ll be wearing them for several more years. He has succeeded in part by making his braces, his trademark. Clients book Charlie James specifically because of his braces. His list of accomplishments ranges from being hired for Karl Lagerfeld’s autumn/winter show to appearing on the cover of Vogue. Charlie remains a popular choice for many other fashion catwalks.

If you want to put yourself out there while still in braces, get some pictures done where your mouth is closed, and some others where you’re smiling broadly and revealing your braces. You don’t need to have them taken by a professional. A friend or family member usually works just fine. Then upload the photos to your profile on Onlinecasting. Who knows - maybe there’s a caster or client out there looking for a young personality with braces for their next photoshoot or project? It’s very important to post updated photos to your profile as soon as your braces have been removed, showcasing your new beautiful smile. :)

Have you considered becoming an extra or actor in film or TV projects? Braces don’t matter that much.

The reality is that you likely have a greater chance of becoming a model after your braces come off. But don’t let that get you down. If you dream of becoming a model, don’t let your braces stand in your way. Contact modelling agencies near you and find out if they have opportunities for models with braces. Add new photos of yourself to your profile on Onlinecasting. You just never know when you’re exactly what someone is looking for (even with the braces). You just might be an exception. :)

We’re crossing our fingers for you!

All the best,

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