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Fill out the application to create your agent profile and get the opportunity to contact profiles directly using our system. Fields marked with * are required.

NOTE: Agent profiles are ONLY used by casters/directors etc. wanting to offer jobs to many exciting profiles.

When you've created an agent profile, you will receive a confirmation email along with your account information.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've made a thorough description of exactly what your agent profile is being used for. Without a description, your agent profile will not be accepted. It is free to create and use an agent profile.


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Tell us what you'll be using your agent profile for on www.onlinecasting.sg.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a thorough description.

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By sending this information, the applicant declares that the information is correct, and that the application has read and understood these terms. www.onlinecasting.sg maintains the right to make sure the applicant's filled in formation is correct and in compliance with the actual circumstances as the profile will not be accepted if that is not the case. Without an accepted profile, it is not possible to log in, contact the profiles nor make use of the different features. When we've accepted your information, the agent profile will be activated, and all features will be made available. www.onlinecasting.sg cannot be held responsible for the correctness of the information of the profiles. Additionally, www.onlinecasting.sg cannot be held responsible if a person does not show up at an agreed time etc. When you, as an agent, contact a profile using the system, the message will, before dispatching of the message, be read by www.onlinecasting.sg If the content is not appropriate (by containing nudity for example), the message will not be sent to the profile. Ads and irrelevant information will not be sent. In such a case, the agent profile will be deleted. TFP photographs are not accepted. When you have an agent profile on www.onlinecasting.sg, you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter. Additionally, you agree to the following terms of trade: Terms