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The applicant hereby claims that the information above is, as much as practically possible, in compliance with the actual circumstances. Wrong information can have negative consequences, e.g. wrong placement in the directory. The applicant is hereby notified of any risk related to publishing personal information on the Internet. www.onlinecasting.sg takes no responsibility for any abuse ordisagreement between the producer and the profile. www.onlinecasting.sg maintains the right to frequently send newsletters and emails regarding castings and more to the profile. We only send out emails in text formatting. The first time you create a profile or subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive an email which you need to activate before your user is active. All emails will contain a link for the deletion of the profile. This link is placed at the bottom of the email. Email addresses will not be sold to a third-party. Email addresses are safely kept on the secure servers of www.onlinecasting.sg Any questions should be directed to [email protected] If you enter your phone number on the profile, www.onlinecasting.sg has the right to give this to casters/directors and more. We do not guarantee a job just for registering oneself for the directory of www.onlinecasting.sg. Any form of advertising (e.g. links to other sites, emails, phone numbers, URL's and more) in the resume is not allowed. The text will be edited and, in the worst case, the profile deleted. You need to be at least 15 years or more to create a profile on www.onlinecasting.sg If you're less than 15 years old, you need to create the profile with your parents or your guardian.

Privacy Policy
We need a long list of interesting information about you, when you have a profile on www.onlinecasting.co.za. A part of this information, e.g. full name and email, we keep for ourselves. We need this kind of information to be able to make sure you are actually you, and to be able to contact you.
But, the majority of the information we ask you to provide about yourself are actually going to be publicly available, and it is actually needed to ensure that agent and casters in general can find you, specifically, with your unique look, or your special abilities. Examples are your gender, your height, haircolor and your shoe size - and of course your experience with teatre, movies, singing and dancing, and - of course - pictures of you. All these information assists the agents and casters in finding just you when searching, and after finding you they are enabled to get a good impression of who you are, how your look - and why you are the perfect match for what they need. We also keep track of your applications, and an overview of what castings you have applied for, for your convenience. We will not be selling your information to anyone, and when you want them changed you just delete your profile. The only information we keep when you have deleted your profile is your profile id, your navn, email, created and deleted date, as well as information about the payment you have made to us (in case you had a VIP profile). This is something we are required to keep according to Danish legislation. Remember; you are always able to login to your profile and change or delete your information, and if you cant make it work - or if you have any other questions - then you just send us an email at: [email protected] Further rules