How To Become An Actor In Singapore

Created the: 04-09-2023


Becoming an actor in Singapore involves a combination of factors, including training, experience, networking, and determination. Here are some steps to help you pursue an acting career in Singapore:

Education and Training: While not mandatory, formal education in acting or theater can be beneficial. Consider enrolling in drama or acting courses offered by reputable institutions such as LASALLE College of the Arts or Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Develop Your Skills: Continuously work on improving your acting skills through practice and training. Participate in workshops, theater productions, improvisation groups, and acting classes to refine your craft.

Build Your Network: Establish connections within the local theater and film industry. Attend industry events, workshops, and auditions to get to know professionals in the field. Building a strong network can open doors to various opportunities.

Audition for Roles: Keep an eye out for audition calls for theater productions, TV shows, films, and commercials. Auditions are a crucial way to enter the industry. Even if you don't always land roles, auditions provide valuable experience and exposure. Click here to see all current casting calls

Consider Background Roles: Starting out, you might consider accepting minor roles or background roles (Extras) in film and TV productions. This can help you gain experience and become familiar with the production process.

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Create a Portfolio: Develop a professional portfolio that showcases your acting experience, resume, headshots, and any videos of your previous work. Having a well-organized portfolio is essential when applying for roles or presenting yourself to casting directors.

Stay Informed: Stay updated on industry news, trends, and events. Understanding what's in demand and how you can tailor your skills and presentation accordingly can give you a competitive edge.

Be Patient and Persistent: The acting industry can be competitive and unpredictable. Building a career takes time and perseverance. Don't expect overnight success; it's a journey that requires dedication and persistence.

Take Acting Classes: Enhance your skills by enrolling in acting classes, workshops, and training programs. This continuous learning process will help you refine your craft and stay up-to-date with industry techniques.

Consider an Agent: As you gain experience and visibility, you might consider working with a talent agent. An agent can help you find auditions and negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Stay Flexible: Be open to various types of acting opportunities, whether it's theater, film, television, or even voice acting. A diverse portfolio can help you showcase your versatility as an actor.

Remember that the path to becoming an actor can vary for each individual. Stay dedicated, learn from your experiences, and adapt to the industry as you develop your skills and relationships.

Best of luck.