How To Position Yourself In Front Of The Camera

Created the: 26-05-2020


You have just been booked for your first photoshoot as a model. Of course, you are very pleased, but then anxiety starts to set in. We hope that the following helps ease your nerves. You can also use these tips to create great pictures for your Onlinecasting profile and land even more auditions.

- It's very important for models to have good posture, so stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. Do not extend your arms out fully unless instructed to — it looks unnatural and staged. As a rule of thumb, anything you can bend on your body should only be bent slightly. Also, pay attention to your neck. Stretch your neck to make it look longer and more elegant. Everything should look natural and effortless.

- The photographer will usually give directions. If you feel uncomfortable with a pose, let the photographer know nicely. Don't be afraid to try something new in front of the camera. Many photographers like when models are active.

- Although the camera is your absolute focal point, do not stare directly into the camera lens. Try to tilt your head slightly to the side, or find a point just behind the photographer.

- Don't hold your breath. It makes you look strained in pictures.

- Listen to what the photographer says. He has the best perspective on how the shot looks.

- Find inspiration in magazines and fashion shows and select 10 poses before your photoshoot. Practice them in front of the mirror until they become second nature. But don't copy the poses you like exactly. Instead, make them your own. The result will appear more natural.

- A model must know their strengths and weaknesses so they can play to their strengths in photoshoots and conceal their weaknesses.

- Practice many forms of expression, such as looking happy, angry, sad and dreamy until they are routine for you. That way, you’ll deliver the right look when the photographer asks you to communicate a special mood.

- Your entire body should be prepared for every picture. Focus on your pose, posture, and facial expression. Nailing those goes a long way toward a successful modelling session.

- Even if you have a nice smile, you don’t have to smile in every picture. Vary your facial expression for each picture taken. That way, the photographer gets several different looks to choose from when selecting the pictures he’ll use.

- Remember not to overuse a pose you know works well. Versatility leads to more opportunities in your modelling career.

Nobody is born perfectly photogenic — it's a skill that has to be learned. So keep practising! Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to yet another photoshoot.