How to Use Instagram As An Actor

Created the: 06-08-2020


Are you looking for an effective way to promote yourself as an actor? Have you considered Instagram as an option, but aren’t sure how to use it effectively? Keep reading to learn about Instagram’s potential for actors.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the many popular social media platforms, and also one of the largest in the world. It was launched in 2010 on iOS and made available for Android devices in 2012. Instagram has a vast user base, making it a great tool to promote yourself as an actor.

Today, it’s considered a must for actors to be active on social media. It looks easy, but if you want to be successful on Instagram, it takes effort and dedication to gain followers and create awareness about yourself.

Behind the scenes

If you are shooting a movie or rehearsing for a theatre performance, you can invite your followers behind the scenes, using Instagram Stories or posting other BTS content. Social media is all about building relationships and networking, but remember to make sure the production company allows you to show what’s going on behind the scenes first. For some productions, there may be restrictions on what, and how much can be shared. Make sure you know the rules — it could cost you if you share something you’re not supposed to, whether it’s intentional or not.

By highlighting when you’re working on a film set or other acting assignments, you show that you’re active in your profession, but that you’re also personal and down to earth enough to share your experiences with those interested in following you. It is always exciting to see how a film is made, especially through the eyes of those involved in the process from the beginning to the release.

Whether on a movie shoot or rehearsing for theatre, you can use Instagram as a platform to show teasers about your projects. Watching you in the finished product isn’t the only thing your followers are interested in seeing. They also want a peek at the stuff they don’t normally get to see. By showing teasers for the projects you are working on, you keep your followers engaged and excited for the even bigger thing coming soon.

What should I post?

Sometimes when you need to start posting to your Instagram, it can be a little difficult to find inspiration. A helpful technique is to use fun themes for different days. For example, Model-Monday, or Film-Friday, etc. It’s obviously a good idea to make sure your themes match your activities and interests. “Model Monday” might not make much sense if you’re not a model ;-)

If you use themes for the days you post, try to be spontaneous and fun. Your followers will look forward to your regular posts throughout the week.

Promote your work

But just posting a lot isn’t enough. You can share a ton of cool posts, but if no one sees them, you’re wasting the effort. Do you have a new showreel to share? Or have you updated your casting page? You can mention these in your Instagram stories. And if you have more than 10,000 followers and a business account on Instagram, you can take advantage of the “swipe up" option in your story to share links to your new showreel or anything else you would like to promote. But even if you don’t have that many followers, you can still place links to your work in your bio and direct viewers to them during your stories.

If you’ve had new headshots done, you can create a teaser about them in your story. Instead of just showing your new pictures; post blurred versions of them with a link to the page where they can be clearly viewed, such as your casting profile page. This method not only generates interest — it allows you to highlight your other work or news.

Personal and professional

Instagram is a fantastic platform to show glimpses of your acting career, but it also provides an opportunity to invite followers into your personal life. Followers typically respond better to content when they feel like they know you. There’s not much in it for them if all you do is promote your professional work without also letting them see the real you. Showing an honest and candid view of your life leads to the most success.

Of course, you need to establish how much you want to share and where your boundaries are, but in general, it’s always good to show a snapshot of your life exactly the way it is at that moment. This applies to both the positive and not so positive moments. For example, if you experienced a casting session that didn’t go well, sharing details about it and the steps you took to overcome any negative feelings associated with it creates a bond between you and your followers. They can let you know that they are there for you, and you can show them that the feeling goes both ways.

Don't just talk about yourself

Have you just watched an inspiring story from another Instagrammer or found a really great microphone for voice training? Whatever inspires you, tell your followers about it. Not only does it show support for others, but it also creates an opportunity to reach additional Instagram followers. “Tagging” other Instagrammers in your stories or posts is an effective way to create a base on Instagram through positivity.

One excellent method is to take a “screenshot” from another Instagrammer’s story or post that relates to the topic you’re discussing. But be careful not to overdo it. If you “tag” everything and everyone, your posts no longer become about you. Other content you highlight should relate to you personally. Look for posts that inspire you or convey a message you think is positive.

Give a little, receive a little

Karma is something you will see play out on Instagram all the time, and something you should use as an actor. The energy you send out is also the energy you get back. If you want your followers to support you and stay interested in your posts or stories, think about what you can offer them. Maybe you perform in musicals and have advice on how to take care of your voice. Maybe you have a terrific technique for remembering lines or cues. Share these tips with your followers in a fun and interesting way. But also keep in mind that Instagram is a fast sharing platform where people consume content quickly. Play to this and make the advice you post snappy and to the point.

Ask your followers questions so that they will get involved in your profile. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in their opinion and advice. You can use your Instagram stories to let followers vote for the choices they think will benefit you the most.

You can also ask your followers to send a “direct message” where their message appears in your inbox. It’s always good to create a dialogue and interact with your followers in a way that shows your relationship is not just all about you.

Share important events

It’s the premiere of your theatre performance! If you’ve kept your followers informed by sharing behind-the-scenes posts, they’re also excited for the premiere. Take them with you and show them how you prepare to go on stage or what you do before a performance. And make sure they get to see how it went and what you’re feeling afterwards. Give your followers an intimate view of the entire journey.

It’s important to pay off all your behind-the-scenes posts and stories for your followers by taking them to the actual event and letting them see how it all turns out. Instagram is about promotion, and as an actor, you are your own brand. So promote yourself in a personal and interactive way so that your followers really feel they know you and are a part of your life.

We hope this article provided some insight on how you can use a social media platform like Instagram to promote yourself as an actor. Building a following and keeping your followers’ interest is not something that happens in a single day. It takes time, commitment and planning, but if you incorporate the advice outlined above, you will have a good foundation from which to build a solid Instagram network.

Maintain a strong work ethic and remember that even though the work can sometimes be hard, you should enjoy the process and have fun with your Instagram.