The Benefits Of Being A Minority In The Casting Industry

Created the: 17-09-2020


Is it hard to get jobs as a minority or are there benefits to being different? In this article, we will address the realities in the casting world.

What does "minority" mean?

A minority is a group that differs from the majority. The distinctions can relate to religion, lifestyle, sexuality, etc. In the casting world, the way someone looks is most often what makes them stand out. You may have many tattoos, are a nationality that is rare in your country, have big curly red hair, or something completely different that sets you apart from the crowd.


In reality, there are no two people - not even twins - who are exactly same, which is why everyone has something unique to offer.

That said, people can quickly be put into a box based on how they look. For example, consider how many young, blonde women in their early twenties want to be actresses. It creates a lot of competition for someone who fits into that group.

If, on the other hand, you look different from the majority of individuals you’re competing with for jobs, it may work out to be an advantage — increasing your chances due to the diminished competition.


Often minorities are in high demand. It could be an advertisement shot for a foreign market, a movie that needs a bad boy type, or an instructional video that requires someone with unique looking hair. Because there are only so many in a country’s population that have unique features often sought after by casters, you can take advantage of that on Onlinecasting, where you’ll find great opportunities to land jobs where minorities are needed.


It’s all about how you look at yourself. If you look at yourself as someone who doesn’t fit in, it can be tough to find your place in the industry. The acting industry is already difficult because of the vast competition. But if you look at yourself and ask, “What can I offer? Do I have something unique that not many others have?” then approach the industry armed with the confidence that casters will want what you have, you’ll also find the motivation to continue toward your goals.

We hope you’ve gained some insight into what it means to be a minority in the casting world and why it can be a good thing.

Remember to always be yourself!