Tips To Be A Better Extra

Created the: 15-05-2020

Prepare yourself that you might have to wait for many hours. So bring a good book, music or other things.

Wear neutral clothes.

Never look directly into the camera. It destroys the illusion and it is still being cut out of the movie.

Do not walk around on the set, since that might disturb the scenes.

On a scene there are many lamps, cables and cameras which may fall. So stay in the place where you have been asked to wait.

Listen carefully to the instructions and ask if you are unsure about anything - before they start filming!

Do not make noices around the set, unless you have been instructed to.

It is important that there is complete silence when the actors speak, as it is thus easier to cut it afterwards.

Do not try to squeeze yourself up in front of the camera. They wont use it anyway.

Do not disturb and do not take pictures of the celebrities.

Turn off your mobile phone.

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