What Should I Pack For A Casting Session?

Created the: 20-08-2020


Are you confused about what to bring to an audition? Use our packing list below to make sure you don’t forget anything in the future. Here’s a handy list of what to pack for your next audition.


There can be very long waits at auditions, so remember to bring something to eat and drink. Auditioning on an empty stomach never turns out well. A protein bar is an excellent snack to have in your bag when you’re suddenly feeling hungry. And water is always the best way to quench your thirst.

Extra CV

Even if it wasn’t mentioned in the casting notice, it’s a good idea to bring a CV with you anyway. And bring a bunch! You never know who might ask you for one.

A pen and other helpful items

A pen is always good to have with you. Sometimes it’s necessary to take notes, and other times there may be forms to fill out (having your own means you don’t have to wait for someone else to lend you theirs).

A highlighter can be very handy when you want to make your dialogue or other notes stand out and easier to read.

Mints, lozenges and deodorant

These are terrific items to have, especially if you’ll be performing in scenes that involve close contact with others.

Comb or brush

Very helpful when you need to put yourself together after a windy bike ride to the audition.

A change of clothes

When auditioning for musicals, you may be asked to dance or rehears some routines. Having extra clothing with you that is easy to move around in can be a big bonus. Also, being able to put on fresh clothing if you’ve been perspiring is great for self-confidence.

Have important details written down

You don’t want to guess at your weight, height, shoe, chest, waist or hip measurements. Keep them on your phone or a piece of paper so you can produce them easier when filling out forms or asked in person.

Printout of your lines

If you were sent lines or sides, it’s nice to have them printed out for your audition.

It can be especially helpful when you need to add new lines or direction on the fly.

The most important thing to bring: a positive attitude!

If you’re feeling confident and think positively, you’ll have an outcome you’re happy with — even if you forget a line or two. :)

And try to have fun with your auditions!

What do you always pack when you go to casting sessions? Let us know! :)