Why do I need a VIP profile?

Created the: 10-03-2020


Given that it is free to have a normal profile on Onlinecasting, and I can still use most of the features on Onlinecasting - why should I then upgrade to a VIP profile?

The majority of the casting posts on Onlinecasting are generally closed for the public in the sense that one need to have an active VIP profile to apply for the casting. Most users therefore only choose to upgrade in the moment they find the casting they have to apply for. But, this can prove to be a poor strategy.

The statistics from our many years of being in this industry shows that there is a 7 time higher chance of being contacted directly by a casting agent, if you have an active VIP profile, compared to having a normal profile.

The reason is that VIP profiles:

- Are always shown at the top of search result pages

- Can, and do, have a large portfolio of pictures in their profile (unlimited amount of pictures as opposed to only three in a normal profile)

- Can, and do, have video on their profiles

And most importantly, that VIP profiles sends a message that they are engaged, motivated and serious about being in the industry.

We do have a lot of jobs on Onlinecasting, but the best (and most well paid) jobs are often gotten through being contacted directly by a casting agent, through the site. These casting agents know exactly what they are looking for - a specific type for a specific project. In these cases, they almost always end up choosing a VIP profile.

With a VIP profile you get:

- Access to all castings

- Your profile are shown at the top of the search result list when casting agents/companies search for a specific type

- Your profile goes into the frontpage rotation on Onlinecasting

- An unlimited amount of pictures in your Onlinecasting portfolio

- Upload videos of you directly to to your Onlinecasting portfolio

- Embed videos of you from Youtube and/or Vimeo

- The option of only showing your profile to Agents (so, the public cant find you and your pictures)

You can terminate your VIP membership anytime, directly from the Onlinecasting site.

We offer you the first week for free, to try it out.