Talents for a Short Film

Men and women 0 - 100 Years old, All regions


[PAID JOB] Casting Call!

Jolene, assistant producer from Big 3 Media, we are looking for talents for an upcoming short video.

Please Subject your email as "ROLE_YOUR NAME". E.g "V1 Ex-offender wife_Jolene",

also do attach your CVs (in PDF), showreels, Self-Intro video and most recent picture!

Filming Period: Early-Mid August 2024 (Depending on role, shoot would be no more than 3 days)

Note: For Ex-offenders and Inmates roles - NEED to shave head)

Main Role: (any races can apply)

V1 Ex- offender : Male, Mid 40s (Gentle, Tough on the outside but secretly anxious and insecure)

V2 Ex- offender : Male, Late 30s (Father/Husband, attentive and detail-oriented)

V3 Inmate: Male, mid-20s (Rebellious, angsty, constantly cautious and wary of being manipulated)

V3 Officer: Female, 30s (Patient and observant)

Supporting Roles w/ lines: (any races can apply)

- V1 Ex-offender wife: Female, early 40s (Compassionate & understanding)

- V2 Ex-offender wife: Female, mid-late 30s (Devoted and resilient)

- V1 Interviewer: Any Gender, late 40s- early 50s (Composed and professional)

- V1 Father: Male, 60s-70s (Quiet but caring)

- V1 Mother: Female, 60s-70s (Warm and nuturing)

- V1 Head Co-worker: Any gender, Mid 30s- 40s (Encouraging and emphathetic)

- V1 Home Owner: Female, late 20- early 30s (Curious and puzzled)

- V2 Officer: Male, 30s

- V2 Child: Any gender, 6-8 years old

- V3 Inmate Mum: Female, 50s-60s

- V3 Inmate wife: Female, mid 20s

- V3 Inmate Child: Any Gender, 7-10 years old

- V3 Aunt: Female, 50s - 60s

Background talents:

- Co-workers: Any gender/race, late 20s- early 30s

- Friend in photo (photo props): Male, 20s

- Inmates (male, any races, 30s-40s, need to shave head)

- Officers (male, any races, 30s-40s)

  • End date: 05-08-2024