Actors/Actresses for a Forensic Interview Training Programme

Men and women 18 - 100 Years old, All regions


Government Body: AGC

Project Type: The training programme will be a half-day run programme where participants are expected to apply interview techniques and structure, and overcome common challenges encountered during interviews.


- Male/Female x3

- Age: 18+ years old

- Fluently in English

- Actors/Actresses

- Must be able to take on roles such as a vulnerable victim of sexual assault, a young person with low IQ or mental problems (e.g. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Disease, etc.), a reticent child witness etc.


- Location: Singapore

- Date: Feb/Mar 2021

- Timing: 6 half-day sessions

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile. Please make sure that your profile is updated with recent pictures, basic info (name, age, Nationality & valid mobile no.), contact details, rates and an up to date CV.

Subject Title: Training Programme Actor

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