Florists/Hobbyists for an Upcoming Project

Men and women 50 - 70 Years old, All regions


Producer: Hello Group


- Male & Female

- Age: 50-70 y/o

- Open to all ethnicities

- Good with scripted dialogue

- Calm and have a nice tone / voice

- Warm and charming, but also a little cheeky in an endearing way

- Have green fingers and confident in front of the camera to speak flowers/plant in a relaxed way


- Location: Singapore

- Shoot Date: either 25 / 26 Jan 2021

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile with the following:

- Name, age, height

- Contact number

- Ethnicity & Nationality

- Recent pictures, without masks, filters or sunglasses (mid shot and full body)

- Availability for 25 / 26 Jan 2022

Subject Title: FLORAL AD [Your name, age, Ethnicity]


- Film a video introducing yourself and give a sentence or two about what plants mean to you or you can recount a memory that is tied to plants or flowers. It is not about your knowledge of plants, but more about how genuine your performance is. You should speak to the camera in a relaxed and familiar way. Like the masterclass series, the tone should be that of a teacher talking to a student, but in a friendly way. It would be good if your hands were occupied with a prop. Imagining it as a plant or flower, either wrapping or arranging it - your eyeline moves easily between your hands and the camera. You can incorporate this line as well: “In some parts of Japan, the cactus is associated with lust, so if you give it to somebody, you're essentially giving them a love letter! Or suggesting something a little more intimate!” (Feel free to embellish the dialogue above with your own take on it. Ideally we’re looking for someone who can be warm and charming, but also a little cheeky in an endearing way.)

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