Talents for an Interactive Video

Men and women 6 - 60 Years old, All regions



- Arshad (Early 20s, Indian): To act as a NSF, Young, Fit and Tech-savvy. He will be making the crucial decisions that can cause ripples in his circle as well as in the wider society.

- Priya (Early 50s, Indian): Kindly but gulible homemaker that is always worrying about her son. She is not as tech savvy as her friends.

- Eric (Early 40s to 50, Chinese): Well-meaning father that is bringing his son on a bus ride. Is appalled by his son’s reaction to an NSF giving up a seat to him.

- Robin (6 to 7 years old, Chinese): Cherubic, Young, naive boy who does not understand the weight of his actions and words. Unknowingly hurts others with his words.


- Location: Singapore

- Date: TBC

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile with the following:

- most recent headshot and full body photo

- CV / Past works / Reels

- a short video introduction of yourself

Subject Title: TD Interactive Video Casting Call

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