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Men and women 18 - 100 Years old, All regions


Project Type: AMOK is looking for talents for an electronics brand film.

Shoot Period: 7th, 8th, 9th December

Shoot Duration: 1 x 15-16 hours Shoot Day Per Talent (Talent’s Per Day Rate to cover for 12 hours per day)

Casting Dates: From now till 1 December

Fitting: 4th or 5th December

Media Usage: Global, 1 Year, Online, Digital, Social Media, and Retail

Skating Film

Logline: John is inspired by a dog at the skatepark. He falls and fumbles many times before mastering a skateboarding trick.

MAIN ROLE — John (Caucasian)

Screen Age: 18-22 y/o

Gender: Male

Special Note: Able to confidently skateboard and break fall, be able to do simple stunts (talent needs to “fall” in the film)

Characteristics: College student, Dedicated

SUPPORTING ROLE — Skateboarding Dog

Breed: Preferably a bulldog, open to other dogs

Special Note: Able to skateboard

Live-Streaming Film

Logline: After getting inspired, Sophia learns to do makeup through video tutorials and starts her first live-streaming video.

MAIN — Sophia (Caucasian, Eurasian)

Screen Age: Early 70s

Gender: Female

Characteristics: Graceful, “Makeup Influencer”, Eager to learn, Youthful, Creative and inspired

Music Film

Logline: Jane is inspired to create a new music track after hearing her brother, Phil, making sounds into a fan.

MAIN — Jane (Caucasian, Eurasian, Asian)

Screen Age: Teens, Early 20s

Gender: Female

Characteristics: Phil’s older sister, “Music Producer”, Creative, Fun and Innovative

Special Notes: Preferably real sibling to Supporting Cast (Phil)

SUPPORTING ROLE — Phil (Caucasian, Eurasian, Asian)

Screen Age: 6-12 Years Old

Gender: Male

Characteristics: Jane’s younger brother, Outgoing, Excitable

Special Notes: Preferably real sibling to Main Cast (Jane)


1. Name, Age, Height, Race, and IG handle

2. Full-body Photo

3. Half-Body Photo

4. Introduction video with 360-degree spin and include the following: Name, Age, Height, and a fun fact about yourself.

5. Portfolio/CV, if applicable.

For interested applicants, please apply now and include the subject line [YOUR NAME + CHARACTER ROLE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN]

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