Talents for Upcoming Educational Series

Men and women 8 - 50 Years old, All regions


Producer: Beyond Pictures

Project Type: Educational Series for Inmates Short Film.

Profile #1:

- Male

- Chinese

- Age: 8 years old

- English-speaking role with a Singaporean accent.

- Role: Child Alex

- Character Background: As a young child, Alex is often left at home with his younger sister while his mother goes out to work. He had to take on a secondary role of a caretaker at an early age.

Profile #2:

- Male

- Chinese

- Age: Late Teens

- Role: Teenager Alex

- Character Background: Teenager Alex is moody and impatient. A childhood incident instilled the belief in him that he can depend on no one but himself, and this has led him to become somewhat of a lone wolf.

- Some knowledge or experience in playing basketball will be helpful.

Profile #3:

- Male

- Chinese

- Age: Early 20s

- Role: Young Adult Alex

- Character Background: As a young working adult, Alex is insecure and has low self-esteem. He becomes cold and distant whenever the topic of family is brought up, and he is of the belief that nothing good ever happens to him.

Profile #4:

- Female

- Chinese

- Age: 4 years old

- This role does not have spoken lines.

- Role: Rey

- Character Background: Alex's Younger Sister.

Profile #5:

- Female

- Chinese

- Age: Late 30's

- English-Speaking role with a local Singaporean accent

- Role: Mother

- Character Background: A single mother. Her husband passed away in the past few years and she has to take care of an entire household by herself. She works a low-income job at a supermarket. The high levels of stress she constantly faces causes her to become rather irritable.

Profile #6:

- Male

- Malay

- Age: Mid 30s - 40s

- English-speaking role with a local Singaporean accent.

- Role: Coach Sulaiman

Profile #7:

- Male x3

- All Races

- Age: Late Teens

- Requires some knowledge or experience in playing basketball

- Role: Basketball Teammates

Profile #8:

- Male

- Indian

- Age: Late Teens

- Role: Basketball teammate Ravi

Profile #9:

- Male

- Malay

- Age: Late Teens

- Role: Basketball Teammate Fadhli


- Location: TBD

- Filming Dates: January 17th and/or 27th 2023

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile. Please make sure that your profile is updated with recent pictures, basic info (name, age, Nationality & valid mobile no.), contact details and an up to date CV. Please include the following information with your application.

Subject Title: [Core Beliefs: ROLE(S) you are applying]




-Recent photos: full length, portrait


-Availability based on tentative filming period:

-Acting experience, highlighting similar past roles if applicable.

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