Talents for Upcoming Short Clip for Non-Profit Organisation

Men and women 30 - 60 Years old, All regions


Producer: Studio Silo

Project Type: Upcoming Short Clip for Non-Profit Organisation

Profile #1:

- Male

- Any Race

- Age: 45 - 60 years old

- Character Description

- Role: Senior Designer

Profile #2:

- Female

- Any Race

- Age: 30 - 45 years old

- Role: Manager/client


- Location: Singapore

- Date: TBD

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile. Please make sure that your profile is updated with recent pictures, basic info (name, age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Availability for the month of September & valid mobile no.), contact details, and an up-to-date CV.

Subject Title: ‘SKM Casting’

  • Casting had ended