Multiple Talents for Resort Campaign

Men and women 0 - 100 Years old, All regions


Smallshop is casting for an upcoming shoot and we’re looking for talents to fill the following roles! There are some updates to the descriptions of the roles and dates.

PROJECT: Sustenance Campaign for Resort
Shoot dates: Between 25-26 Sept or 2-3 Oct - *Each role is required for 1x half day shoot (6 hours)
Fitting date: Either 22 Sept or 27 Sept (depends on finalised shoot dates)

1. Pool Family
a. 1x Grandpa
- Caucasian/Eurasian/Pan-Asian
- Must be able to swim
- Screen age: 60s (ideally 65 and above)
b. 1x Dad
- Caucasian/Eurasian/Pan-Asian
- Screen age: late 30s/early 40s
c. 1x Daughter
- Caucasian/Eurasian/Pan-Asian
- Screen age: 7-10 years old
2. Beach Family
a. 1x Mom
- Singaporean Asian
- Screen Age: 50s
b. 1x Son
- Singaporean Asian
- Screen Age: 16-20 years old
3. Dining Couple
a. 1x Wife
- Singaporean Asian
- Screen Age: late 40s-50s
b. 1x Husband
- Singaporean Asian
- Screen Age: late 40s-50s
4. 1x Spa Guy
- North Indian
- Buff/Built
- Comfortable being shirtless
- Screen Age: late 30s-40s
5. 1x Woman
- Caucasian/Eurasian/Pan-Asian
- Comfortable with dogs
- Screen Age: late 20s/early 30s
6. 1x Dog
- Small dog
- Can look cute, take instructions well and listen to commands
7. 10x Background extras
- Presentable looking

Interested applicants, please apply with the subject title ‘Resort Campaign’ and the role(s) you are interested in.

Please include your:
- Name, age, height, ethnicity
- Current headshots and full body shots with ample lighting
- Contact details
- Any past experiences in property/tourism/bank or financial-institute ads

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