Talents for a Interactive Theatre Roleplaying Game

Men and women 18 - 100 Years old, All regions


[Paid Job]

Void Deck Games is casting for "Caliban's Island", an interactive theatre roleplaying game that will be a part of Esplanade's March On Children's Festival 2024.

"Caliban's Island" is a roaming adventure where children will play the role of shipwrecked survivors who find their parents transformed into monstrous animal hybrids on the mystical island of Shakespeare's Tempest.

The show explores the fantasy of living wild without parental control and examines the bond between a child and their parent. The available roles are as follows:

- Prospero: An exiled Duke of Milan who was left stranded on the island by his enemies. He is obsessed with regaining his status and becomes a tyrannical father and a cruel coloniser. He enslaves local spirits and monsters to his service and plots to pawn his daughter, Miranda, to the heir of Naples.

- Caliban: An orphan born with the head of a bull. Disfigured and shunned, he convinces himself that he was born to be a monster. He sets the children "free" by turning their parents into other animal hybrids like him. Caliban is a traumatised child trapped in a monster's body.

- Miranda: A young noblewoman raised in exile and told she would one day inherit a land she had never seen. She defies her father, Prospero, when she chooses Ariel, an enslaved fairy, as her lover. Prospero accidentally turns Miranda into a Medusa in his anger, and her gaze petrifies Ariel into a statue.

- Ariel: A fairy bound into Prospero's service. He is turned into a statue by a Medusa and doesn't realise that the monster is Miranda. Once freed from petrification, Ariel teaches the children archery so that they can hunt the "monster" responsible for his imprisonment.

- Trinculo: A youthful jester who is the only islander who has shown genuine kindness to monstrous Caliban. He decides to experiment with being an artist, which triggers Caliban to lead a posse of children to vandalise and wreck his art gallery. Outraged, Trinculo demands an explanation from his best friend.

The ideal performers should be comfortable working with a script and improvising responses to players. Game facilitation experience is a plus.

Key Dates:

- Bump in: 4-7 March

- Preview: 8 March

- Show: 9-10 March

- Dark Days: 11-12 March

- Show: 13-17 March

If you're interested in any roles, please email your CV and headshot. Please indicate which character you would like to audition.

  • End date: 24-02-2024