Actor Dancer Singer Extra


21 years old, Jurong, Singapore

My name is Cassandra, 13 y/o studying at jurongville secondary school,NA stream.I love to sing,play basketball,watch japanese anime and learn korean dance,as well as watching japanese and korean drama.i aspire to be an actress like them as they have done a good job in acting and as much as they had to sacrifice time for the filming,i am sure it is a good opportunity to learn how it is like to be on the scene and acting.It would be an honour to be even on the slightest film as an extra as i want to learn and give it my best shot so that people would see that i can do it with all the encouragement my friends and family have supported me.Oh,not forgetting my singing.i love to sing but i dont think i have great vocals so i hardly sing but when i can,i try my best to sing(which is hardly also).As i love K-pop and J-pop,i listen to their official music videos and if their dance steps inspire me,i would try to learn the dance steps(so far i can only dance I Need You/Dope from BTS only but im still trying).I have performed on stage once with my friends for a dance infront of the whole school and done a literature drama for my class.Hopefully this resume can help me get my goal of being an actress which i hope to be in future and have high hopes for this career,and this company to be able to allow me to showcase my talent.I have little experience but im willing to learn and sacrifice time for this(even though i have school) but for now im just looking for a part-time acting career.If i were to be hired in a full movie,i will try my best even if its in another language.


Physical info

21 years old

155 cm

40 kilo

Eye color:

Hair color:

Shoe size:
36 Euro

Hair length:

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Modelling experience: None Acting experience: Slight Singing experience: Slight Dancing experience: Slight
Performed at fairs Danced in a group Sung in a group

Job interests

Participation in singing group Dancing for a singer/group Singing/dancing in theater Movie/TV - acting Movie/TV - extra