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Nyi Yan

19 years old, Bukit Panjang, Singapore

Born in Taunggyi, Myanmar on the evening of 17th of October 2004 and shifted to Singapore, I am more of a Climate and Linguistics person more than an actor. I really got an interest on Climate since I was 11, back in 2015, I came across this Wikipedia page called "Köppen Climate Classification". Other than that, I also got to learn the gist of Wikipedia editing skills as well as Fandom Wikia editing skills. Before that, I used to also have a fond passion for Aviation, such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates, since the data or the number of fleet of aircrafts attracted my eyes(like A320, A380, 777-300ER, etc). In 2016, I went to a deep depression because one of my teachers scolded me for being sick and absent and thought I didn't do my work. Aside from that, I went on a school trip to Malacca, Malaysia. In 2017, I passed PSLE and got onto Express stream the following year. I also have a passion for Coordinates(Latitude and Longitude) and how far the geographical locations are far from the Equator. Singapore is 1°N 103°E. I love Coordinates. I am trying very hard to be a good role model in school, with strong leadership skills. I am however, part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). I am not your usual teenager, who loves to play video games, socialise with friends, listen to music. I am more of a nerd who loves to talk about Köppen Climate Classification. Interestingly, Köppen Climate Classification can also be ussd as Köppen Family Classification. My biggest concern in my life is Climate Change, my idol is Greta Thunberg. I want to be like her. I also want to be a Climate Activist. Unlike other teens, I know that my ethnicity(Burmese) is related to Chinese under Sino-Tibetan languages. I have a love for Linguistics and Ethnicity too. I know what English is, an Anglo-Saxon under the West Germanic Language under the Indo-European Language family. I love to talk about Language Families, but I despise video games unlike other teens. My other issues are my family, I have two brothers, one is older and one is younger. My father is an Engineer and my mother is a housewife. Since the end of 2016, I always wanted to travel to countries with snow, preferably, a place with a Humid Continental Climate like Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Sapporo. I also love mountains like Mount Everest, Elbrus, Denali, the Alps, etc. What I don't like are animal attacks on humans. Other than wanting to be a climate activist, I also want to be an animal attack activist. I got a bit angry because people get arrested for animal cruelty/abuse on dogs and cats but not when people killing insects, insects are still animals, that is one feature I do not like about human laws on Earth in the Observable Universe. When I grow up, I aspire to be a successful Climatologist, and with later technologies, I can curb Global Warming/Climate Change and negotiate with United Nations to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions by absorbing them. Love you


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19 years old

160 cm

43 kilo

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9 Euro

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