Model Actor Dancer Singer Extra

Aushpreet Kaur

26 years old, Singapore

Hello, I'm Aushpreet, an enthusiastic freelance model with one year of experience in the industry. As a third culture kid, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel extensively and immerse myself in diverse cultures around the world. These experiences have shaped my perspective and cultivated a deep appreciation for the beauty of cultural diversity. With a passion for modeling, I constantly seek opportunities to collaborate with esteemed brands and contribute my creative talents to their projects. Alongside my modeling journey, I have actively pursued personal growth by attending workshops that enhance my modeling skills and expand my acting abilities. Beyond modeling, I find inspiration in various artistic endeavors such as dancing, drawing, and singing, allowing me to express my creativity in different forms. Moreover, my academic background in events management, coupled with a master's degree in design management, equips me with a unique blend of skills to actively contribute to the creative process from conception to realization. I am excited to be part of a team where I can leverage my multicultural upbringing, diverse talents, and passion for creating remarkable experiences. Let's embark on an extraordinary journey together!"


Physical info

26 years old


Modelling experience: Slight Acting experience: Slight Singing experience: None Dancing experience: A lot
Participated in fashion shows Performed in TV series Participated in dancing shows Danced in a group

Job interests

Modelling jobs Dancing for a singer/group Movie/TV - acting