Model Actor Dancer Singer Extra


16 years old, East Region, Singapore

I have been doing theatre since kindergarten and have loved it ever since. I have participated in several end of year musicals including Wizard of Oz in which I played the lead role, Dorothy. I have also landed roles in these musicals as a hyena, ladybug and a dancer from the 20's.
I have worked with Act 3 International. One of the representatives of the institution, Act 3, came to our school and helped in creating a musical for our school about the school's heritage. I was chosen as one of the main roles, a ‘Principle’, as well as a secondary role as a ‘Starfish’ from The Little Mermaid for a dance number.
School Of The Arts Singapore (SOTA) selected me to do a a 3 day workshop. There, we learned about drama, improvisation, comedy and many other aspects of drama.
I am currently studying IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education) drama.
I have performed and won an award in the Singapore Youth Festival. My group mates and I wrote a rap about road safety and performed it at Esplanade, Singapore.
I have appeared in a morning show in Bratislava, Slovakia named Telerano. There, I modelled for a fashion designer.
I have had some experiences in dancing such as contemporary, hip hop and ballet

Some of my other skills: I can speak, Slovak, Czech and English fluently. I have an American accent and am able to do Australian, British and European accents. I am a level 5 WAG gymnast and have been doing gymnastics since 2012. I have been playing piano for 2 years and am able to play 'Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Second movement'. I sing but have never taken any professional classes for singing


Physical info

16 years old

164 cm

55 kilo

Eye color:

Hair color:

Shoe size:
39 Euro

Hair length:

Hair type:

Skin color:

Caucasian - White


Modelling experience: None Acting experience: Moderate Singing experience: Slight Dancing experience: Moderate
Performed at fairs Performed in theater Participated in musicals Sung in a group

Job interests

Modelling jobs Singing/dancing in theater Movie/TV - acting Movie/TV - extra