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This website is owned and run by www.onlinecasting.sg which is a company registered In Denmark subject to Danish laws and regulations.


The purpose of www.onlinecasting.sg is to give users interested in modelling, music work, acting and the like the opportunity to advertise these interests with the intent of attracting relevant employers. Therefore, it is possible to fill in and create a profile (ad) where interests, experiences and other relevant personal data, including contact information, is given. All filled in information in the profile (the ad) except for contact information will be publicly available for all users of the websites including registered as well as non-registered users. Contact information of profiles will only be given to interested agents to the extent of which they are requested.

Requirements for agents

During the creation of an agent profile, one needs to fill in company name, contact person, company address and Business ID at the very least. Agent profiles are not activated before the information has been verified by the editorial of www.onlinecasting.sg

Reading of emails

When you, as an agent, contact a profile using the system, the message will, before dispatching of the message, be read by www.onlinecasting.sg

If the content is not appropriate (by containing nudity for example), the message will not be sent to the profile. Ads and irrelevant information will not be sent. In such a case, the agent profile will be deleted. TFP photographs are not accepted.

Use of www.onlinecasting.sg

Use and browsing of the website is at your own risk. In no case can www.onlinecasting.sg, or the parties involved in creating, producing or delivering the website, be kept responsibility for damages including, but not limited to, direct or indirect (consequential damages), rare case scenario, or accidental damages as a consequence of accessing or using the website. 

Additionally, www.onlinecasting.sg takes no responsibility of any kind of damage including computer viruses related to, caused by or as a consequences of browsing and using, or lack of skill thereof, the website or materials, data, text, pictures, video or sound downloaded from www.onlinecasting.sg.

Directly commercial content (for example product sales, services, payment from profiles etc.) is not approved. If dissemination of commercial content is desired, contact [email protected]

Intellectual property

You do not have the right to copy, recreate, republish, upload, show, forward, distribute or in any other way use the material on www.onlinecasting.sg including data, sounds, text, pictures and videos for public or commercial use without prior written permission from www.onlinecasting.sg.

Your personal information

We do not have any more personal information about you as a user than the information you fill in when creating a profile at www.onlinecasting.sg. Your information will be processed with the utmost care, and will only be forwarded by request of verified agents. By filling in your email address, you also accept that we may send you newsletters regarding www.onlinecasting.sg to you. The email is also used as a safety net in case of forgetting your password, as it will in such a case be sent to your email. Email newsletters will contain limited ads.

It is illegal to enter a fake (someone else's) email address. In case of harassment, this will be reported to the police along with your IP and time of creation.

Content of www.onlinecasting.sg

www.onlinecasting.sg strives to make sure all information on the website is correct and updated. However, www.onlinecasting.sg takes no responsibility for the correctness of the information. www.onlinecasting.sg takes no responsibility for liability for damages nor for any errors in the content of this website.

Any material, any information or any message you transfer or send to this website via electronic mail or in any other way will be processed using the following classification.

Password, email addresses, phone number, addresses will be maintained in confidence, and will not be available to anyone else than verified company agents.

www.onlinecasting.sg may contain links to other websites not run by www.onlinecasting.sg, but instead run by a third-party. www.onlinecasting.sg explicitly disclaims all kinds of responsibility concerning the accuracy, legality or the validity of these other websites. www.onlinecasting.sg takes no responsibility under any circumstances for any kind of loss, damage or demands created by using these external websites or the content on these websites which can be linked directly or indirectly to the links on this website.

www.onlinecasting.sg maintains the right to edit/delete profiles abusing www.onlinecasting.sg commercially or contains any kind of advertising, is offensive, discriminating or - in any other way - is not deemed appropriate. This is also the case for profile pictures. www.onlinecasting.sg does not accept that you post your address, your phone number or any kind of information that may be used to identify you in our online forum.

www.onlinecasting.sg can at any time delete a profile without warning, regardless of whether it's a regular or VIP profile, as long as one or more of the requirements above are not adhered to. Paid time for the VIP profile subscription will not be refunded if you do not adhere to the requirements above.

www.onlinecasting.sg maintains the right to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by editing this site.

Remember that all of these rules are created to ensure the best and safest service.

Good luck on www.onlinecasting.sg